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30 Attention Getters

30 Attention GettersPosted on 10-02-2016

Tired of using the same technique to get your students' attention? Want to liven things up? Here are 30 ideas to inspire you! Try these call and response attention getters in your classroom. After a bit of… Read More »

How To Handle An Irate Parent

How To Handle An Irate ParentPosted on 19-11-2015

When an irate parent comes pounding on the classroom door, the first rule is to STAY CALM. Assess the situation. Is this an appropriate time and place to be having this conversation? If it is, be friendly and invite them… Read More »

Job Interview Tips For Teachers

Job Interview Tips For TeachersPosted on 15-10-2015

Congratulations…you have landed an interview for your dream teaching job. Don’t panic! Here are a few helpful tips to set yourself apart from the other candidates. BEFORE THE INTERVIEW Whatever you do, don’t… Read More »

The Power Of 10 Minutes

The Power Of 10 MinutesPosted on 4-10-2015

Teachers need time. Time to plan, time to mark student work, answer emails, time for professional development, write reports, talk with parents and if there is any time left over - TEACH! How is it that some teachers seem… Read More »


GratitudePosted on 18-09-2015

One of the greatest secrets to being happy is to be thankful. Being thankful makes you happier, improves health and reduces stress. We often take so much for granted. I challenge you to start a Gratitude Journal - write… Read More »