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GratitudePosted on 18-09-2015

One of the greatest secrets to being happy is to be thankful. Being thankful makes you happier, improves health and reduces stress. We often take so much for granted. I challenge you to start a Gratitude Journal - write… Read More »

Hints For Surviving Parent Interviews

Hints For Surviving Parent Interviews Posted on 30-08-2015

As a teacher, do you dread the parent / teacher interview? Make parent interviews a positive experience by using some of these strategies. PREPAREThoroughly prepare written notes on each student that you will be discussing. Read More »

Be Kind To Yourself.

Be Kind To Yourself.Posted on 22-07-2015

Teaching is a very giving role and if we don't purposely take time out to recharge, we will slowly burn out.  Why do we find it so hard to look after ourselves? Let's be honest — teaching can be both physically… Read More »

Setting The Tone

Setting The TonePosted on 27-06-2015

What are you like at setting a positive tone in your classroom each day? Tone is the attitude and mood you bring to the classroom and it can make a BIG difference between a child enjoying coming to school or begging… Read More »

10 Tips For Better Classroom Organisation

10 Tips For Better Classroom OrganisationPosted on 20-05-2015

All teachers want less stress and more time to fulfil their passion for teaching. Effective organisation plays an important role in your success as a teacher. It builds confidence and helps maximise your overall teaching… Read More »