Colourful Circles

Colourful Circles


Grades: Prep - 6
Size: A4 (Can be used for Letter)
Colour: Black & White
Pages: 2
File Size: 1.77 MB
File Type: pdf Download

Resource Description

Depending on the age level of your students get them to colour in the circles.  You might want to start bringing in the concept of warm and cool colours.  This exercise will make a great window display.  Put them on black card as a backing  board and place around the classroom.

Although this is setup for A4 you can make it A3 / Tabloid by choosing A3 /Tabloid in the “Page Setup” menu in Acrobat Reader and then choose “Fit to Page” in the print menu.

PDF resource contains black and white masters only and instruction cover sheet.


Colourful Circles Colourful Circles Colourful Circles