I paid for my resource… Where is it?


Browse through our resources and add to cart. To purchase you can simply create an account and once paid for, all your resources will be kept there for you to come back and download as you wish. Upon purchase of your resources, you will also receive an email. You can download your resource from that email as well.


An email containing your payment confirmation, Invoice and download links will be with you shortly.







We are not registered for GST and it is not within our pricing.


All pricing is in Australian dollars. AU.

Do you sell hard copies of your resources?

No.  All our resources are PDF digital downloads for you to print out.

Why can’t I open my download?

Please make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or above.

How do I print a PDF document?

In the Acrobat Reader “File” menu there is Page Setup.  Choose A3 or A4.  Then in your “Print” menu under “Page Scaling” you can choose “None” or “Fit to Printable Area”.


Why can’t I open the PDF in Photoshop or edit it in Acrobat?

Most of our resources have editing restrictions placed on them.  This stops them being edited in programs such as Photoshop and Acrobat Professional. It is our company policy to have these restrictions on our resources to safeguard our intellectual property and copyright of our resources. Some early resources which didn’t have this feature were simply taken and rebranded and onsold on other sites. For any of our editable resources, these restrictions are removed.  All of our resources are HI-Res PDF files and can be printed on high quality stock or card either at home, school or copy shop.


Why is the colour of the resource on screen different to my printed copy?

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of colour when printing.  Computer monitors and mobile devices are all different and therefore portray colour in a different way.  Also, printers vary and will print colours differently.  Colours shown on screen are a guide only.

What’s a zip file?

A zip file is a bunch of files in a folder that has been compressed so it can be delivered over the Internet.  All our ‘Bundle’ resources have several different PDF files in them.  Most computers have a program to unzip the file so the contents of the folder can be accessed.

What about printing in the USA?

If you are in America, the Tabloid sizing is closest to our A3 and your Letter sizing is close to our A4.  Choose Tabloid or Letter in Page Setup.  Then in your “Print” menu, under “Page Scaling” choose, “Fit to Printable Area”.

How do I print a document on two sides (Back to Back)?

In the Print Menu of Acrobat > Layout > 2 sided printing > Long edge for most copiers (A4)  It could be short edge for bubble jet printer or for printing on A3. Every printer is different so experiment first before printing off 30 copies. 🙂

How often do you update the site with new resources?

Every week we are adding something new.

I found an error in one of your resources. What will you do about it?

Hey, it happens!  We are human. 🙂 Despite having our resources proofread, the occasional slip up may occur.  If it does, kindly let us know and we will send you the corrected resource as soon as possible.

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final. We provide comprehensive information on what each resource contains so you can make an informed choice. Once a payment is received for a resource, a link will be sent to your email to download the resource and the resource will be placed in your account “download” area for access. Please purchase carefully as there are no refunds.

Can I share this resource with my teacher colleagues?

Please don’t. The licensing of this resource is for a single user only.  We try to keep the cost really low so that everyone can afford our resources.  We are a small, family owned online business and we’d really appreciate it if you could refer other teachers to our website.