Biography Foldable Template



Year Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Size A4
Colour Colour
Pages 3
Bundle Individual
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Print this Biography Foldable Template and let your students explore the life of a significant person. The Biography Foldable Template covers features such as the Introduction, Early Life, Major Life Events and Achievements, Timeline, Character Words, Conclusion, Portrait and Bibliography.

We’ve designed the A4 sheet to become a quadfold which the student can use as a brochure. They also make a great classroom display. Your students will love to read the Biographies that other students have written.

Simply print the A4 pages back to back. Once the students have completed the Biography, get them to fold up their brochure. We’ve provided lines to fold on and numbered panels to make it easy for your students.



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