Give Me Five



Year Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Size A4, Letter
Colour Colour
Pages 5
Bundle Individual


Create an eye catching display in your classroom with this “Give Me Five” writing task.

This teacher resource allows students to focus on positive aspects about themselves and has cross-curricular links with Health and Values Education (self-esteem / positive self image).

Students need to brainstorm and then describe five positive things about themselves in full sentences. This can include skills they have like skateboarding or character traits like patience. Once they have finished, they need to draw a portrait of themselves and cut out along the dotted line. Also, attached is the banner to print out to put above your display.

Print banners in colour and the black and white templates on A4, or if you are from the USA, print out on Letter. You can upsize to A3 or Tabloid if you wish by choosing your paper size in the ‘Page Setup’ menu of Acrobat, and print ‘Fit to Printable Area’.



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