Problem Solving Cards



Year Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Size A4, Letter
Colour Colour
Pages 13
Bundle Individual
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Problem Solving is a crucial skill that helps develop mathematical understanding, advanced thinking skills, flexibility, creativity and perseverance.

These 40 PROBLEM SOLVING CARDS will challenge your students in a motivating and engaging way.

They will encourage your students to think outside of the box and utilise various problem solving strategies such as making a list, looking for a pattern, guessing and checking, using logic, making a table, working backwards, drawing a model and writing a number sentence.

The 40 MATH PROBLEM SOLVING CARDS cater for a variety of ability levels and an answer key is provided.

Print, cut and laminate these 40 MATH PROBLEM SOLVING CARDS and use them every year. They can be used individually, in groups or as a whole class activity.

This resource can also be used to extend Fast Finishers.



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