Science Bundle – Plants



Year Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Size A3, A4
Colour Black and White
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ake advantage of this themed Science Bundle on plants.

This ultimate teacher resource bundle contains the following:

1. Plants Billboard Display
A really impressive teacher resource that will really make your classroom stand out.

Teach your students all about the plant kingdom while building your very own display. All the templates you need to create this huge 1.6m x 0.5m (approx) display is contained in this resource. Your students should carefully cut out and colour in the various elements of the garden and start building it on your billboard/noticeboard in the classroom. Also included are the names of the various parts of the plants for you to label.

2. Plants – What am I?
My function is to absorb nutrients and moisture from the soil. I anchor the plant in the soil and support the stem. What am I?

This teacher resource will help to reinforce student learning on the topic of plants.

3. Flower Identity
From the word bank provided, can you identify the parts of a flower?

This teacher resource will reinforce learning on the topic of plants. Teacher answers are provided on the cover page.

4. Plant Quiz
A great general knowledge plant quiz for students. Teacher answers are provided on the cover page.

5. Landscaper
Using the grid, design your ultimate backyard. Make sure you have plenty of plants and trees and that they are labelled. You could have a vegetable patch, a flower garden, a pool or a tennis court. Remember to draw from a bird’s eye view (topographical perspective).

NB: This is a .zip file containing all the PDFs of these resources.



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