Soccer Decimals


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Year Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Size A4
Colour Black and White
Pages 12
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We use decimals everyday when dealing with concepts such as money, mass and length. Decimal numbers are used in situations where greater precision is required than just using whole numbers.

Our Soccer Decimals resource provides an engaging way for students to grasp decimals and gain an understanding of representing decimals on number lines, rounding decimals, place value and how decimals relate to fractions and percentages. Students complete each section of the soccer ball and then colour the background creatively. Students can also explore concepts of symmetry when they colour the background design. A fun integration of Maths and Art. Our Soccer Decimals make an awesome display!

This resource has 10 different decimal number sheets for students to work on. We even have a  blank version for you or your students to write a decimal.


2 reviews for Soccer Decimals

  1. Jennie Vallance

    Used this resource yesterday with my Math’s class. Provoked good discussion as well as providing a good visual resource for the students to refer back to.

  2. Zora Bunoza

    Great resource

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