Timetable Display Cards



Year Levels Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Size A4, Letter
Colour Colour
Pages 16


This handy teacher resource is the perfect way to let your students know what is planned for the day.

Print, trim along the dotted lines and laminate your own Timetable Display Cards. We have already covered the major subjects. Any sign in orange denotes a break of some sort, while blue covers subject matter for the day.

44 cards in total. In case we have missed any, you can type in your very own at the end of this interactive PDF and print them out. We have incorporated both a one line and two line card to make sure you are covered. These have been set up on an A4 page.

To print, choose A4 in your page setup option and then print. If you are in America and want to print on a letter size, simply choose letter in your page set-up menu and print “Fit to Printable Area”.



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