August 11, 2019

30 Attention Getters

Tired of using the same technique to get your students’ attention?

Want to liven things up? Here are 30 ideas to inspire you!

Try these call and response attention getters in your classroom. After a bit of practice, these ‘attention getters’ can be quite effective.


Teacher: www dot.
Students: zipit dot com.

Teacher: Okie dokey.
Students: Hokey pokey.

Teacher: Ears.
Students: Snap.

Teacher: Crew, crew, crew
Students: Aye, aye, aye

Teacher: When we listen
Students: We learn!

Teacher: Eeny meeny
Students: Miny mo!

Teacher: All set?
Students: You bet!

Teacher: Macaroni cheese.
Students: Everybody freeze!

Teacher: Ready to rock.
Students: Ready to roll!

Teacher: Chicka, Chicka
Students: Boom, Boom!

Teacher: Spaghetti.
Students: Meatballs.

Teacher: Ready to listen.
Students: Ready to learn.

Teacher: The name is Bond
Students: James Bond!

Teacher: Marco
Students: Polo.

Teacher: Tag
Students: You’re it!

Teacher: Oh me, Oh my
Students: We will try!

Teacher: 3,2,1
Students: Our talking is done!

Teacher: May the force be with you…
Students: and also with you.

Teacher: Hey. Hey.
Students: Yo. Yo.

Teacher: L.I.S.
Students: T.E.N

Teacher: Winner, Winner
Students: Chicken Dinner.

Teacher: All hands
Students: On deck.
(students place both hands on desk and look at teacher)

Teacher: Waterfall
Students: Shhhhhhhhh

Teacher: To infinity
Students: and beyond.

Teacher: Zippity do dah
Students: Zippity yay!

Students: soft, soft, soft (whisper)

Teacher: Quiet in 5
Students: 4, 3, 2, 1 (gradually softer)

Teacher: Give me a factor of e.g. 24
Students: Children hold up e.g. 4 fingers.

Teacher: Fruit Salad
Students: Yummy, Yummy.

Teacher: Alarm, Alarm
Students: Let’s be calm.


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