August 2, 2020

Organising tips for busy teachers.

Organising tips for busy teachers.
Being organised not only reduces our sense of overwhelm, it reduces stress and makes life more enjoyable.

I asked members of our Facebook page, VISIT HERE –
for their top organising tips. I thought I would share some of the top responses here.

“Prepare anything you can the night before.”– Louise

“I get up earlier and I have no screen time, so I’m not running around crazily
in the morning.”

“Keep your email inbox tidy!”– Leanne

“Get out of bed earlier than you need to, walk outside and listen to the birds.”– Jen

“Pack everything the night before and place by the front door. Lunchboxes are packed ready in the fridge. That way if the morning is chaotic, it doesn’t matter we are good to go.”– Natalie

“No work emails on personal devices.”– Kathy

“Respond to emails at set times before and after school.”– Deane

“Keep your house minimalistic. It makes keeping the house clean and tidy a very quick job.”– Nicky

“Do lots of meal prep on the weekend.”– Hannah

“Make a double batch of spaghetti bolognaise/chili con carne on a Sunday afternoon.”– Rebecca

“I choose my outfit the night before.”– Helen

“Get a cleaner.”– Tess

“We started using Hello Fresh…..after 6 months we had a heap of easy recipes that are quick and tasty.”– Sonya

I would have to add…. get your groceries delivered, use a slow cooker and bake up a storm and fill the freezer during the holidays.

Feel free to add further ideas in the comments section.
Happy organising,
Naomi xx

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